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Who We Are

BadgeOS empowers anyone using WordPress to use the platform as a community, engagement, and achievement recognition environment.

A Bit About Us

BadgeOS™ is plugin to WordPress that allows your site’s users to complete tasks, demonstrate achievement, and earn badges. You define the Achievement types, organize your requirements any way you like, and choose from a range of options to determine whether each task or requirement has been achieved. Badges earned in BadgeOS are Mozilla OBI compatible through out-of-the-box integration of the “Open Credit” API by Credly, the free web service for issuing, earning and sharing badges.

Learn more about some of the core BadgeOS features.

BadgeOS is extremely extensible. Check out examples of what we’ve built with it, and stay connected to the project site for updates, add-ins and news. Share your ideas and code improvements on our github site so we can keep making BadgeOS better for everyone.

Main Features of BadgeOS™

BadgeOS™ is plugin to WordPress that allows your site’s users to complete
tasks, demonstrate achievement, and earn badges.

BadgeOS Organizations

Many organizations are using BadgeOS to enable achievement recognition.

BadgeOS-Integration With Credly

Credly is a universal way for people to earn and showcase their achievements and badges. With Credly Integration enabled in BadgeOS, badges or achievements you create on your BadgeOS site can automatically be created on your Credly account. As select badges are earned using BadgeOS, the badge will automatically be issued via Credly to the earner so they can easily share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Mozilla Backpack, their web site, blog, Credly profile or other location. Credly makes badge issuing and sharing fun and easy! Learn more.


Organizations like the YMCA of Greater New York, the New York City Department of Education, Yale University, EDUCAUSE, the Dallas Museum of Art, and the Smithsonian are leveraging the BadgeOS platform and related services to deploy seriously engaging online, mobile and in-person experiences.

Technology – Avada WP Theme


Group Management


This add-on allows for multiple groups within your BadgeOS site and the right permissions for management, approval, and reporting of each group.

Interactive Progress Map


Create a visual display of activities showing progres leading to larger accomplishments.

Suggested Achievements


A widget that allows the site creator to display badge activities or achievements available to be completed.



Automatically displays an overlay “pop-up” window congratulating users as they earn achievements.